Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tasting Education

Have you ever tried a beer, loved it, but couldn't put your finger on exactly what it was about the beer you loved? Unless you're an expert on hops, esters, yeasts, and so forth, chances are you've found yourself in this exact situation. I know I have. The Pittsburgh Beer Ladies are working on an event that takes attendees beyond just tasting; beyond this is an IPA, this is an imperial stout. Stayed tuned. More information about this educational advanced tasting will be posted soon!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Upcoming events

Hello, ladies! I was reminded that I have not updated this blog recently. Definitely not a good thing. We've already had one event this year created and hosted by Brooke Franus. It was a fantastic beer and chocolate event held at the Carson Street Deli on February 13th. If you missed it, not to worry. There are currently two other events scheduled. And they are:

Tap Takeover at Beer Nutz
Thursday, February 3rd, 5pm to 10pm
Every Thursday, Beer Nutz hosts what they call a Tap Takeover. They generally have a representative from a different brewery there and do tastings. Occasionally, they'll focus on a specific type of beer instead of a specific brewery. The event is set up from 5-10pm to accommodate ladies coming directly from work, and also for those who can't get there until later. To RSVP, Click here.

Sampling at Barley's and Hop's
Wednesday, March 7th, 7pm
Barley's and Hop's Bottle Shop and Cafe offers an enormous variety of imports and microbrews. On Wednesday, March 7th at 7pm, they will host a beer sampling for us. There will be a nominal fee associated with this tasting. As soon as I have the beer list and cost, I'll post it here. To RSVP, Click here.
For more information about Barley's and Hop's, visit

We have a lot of other exciting events in the works, so check back soon! Cheers!