Friday, April 13, 2012

Brew Your Own at Copper Kettle Brewing

Our May event will be the opportunity to brew your own beer at Copper Kettle Brewing in Greenfield! Here is your chance to brew your own beer and have someone else clean up after you! The brewing itself takes several hours, then it will ferment and the group will have to come back to bottle their beer. To keep down costs, we can have up to 5 ladies on one kettle. Each kettle makes 60 22oz bottles which is more than enough split 5 ways. We hope to use some of this beer for our summer picnic/beer exchange event.

The cost per person depends on your groups' choice of beer. There are three levels of beer pricing; classic ($35 per case), premium ($37 per case), select ($39 per case). The brew yields 5 cases of 12 22oz bottles. These bottles can be reused for future brewings to discount your total. Generic labels are provided for free. However, if your group chooses to do so, you may create custom labels for an additional $25 per case.

To register for this event, click here. Visit the Events tab at the top, scroll to the month of May, then choose the date and brew of your choice. Currently, there is an event for brewing a wheat and an IPA. More choices will be added shortly.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this event and happy brewing!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Brewniversity’s Gender Studies 423: Women and Craft Beer

Join us at 7pm on Monday April 23nd at Bocktown's Beaver Valley Mall location for this one-of-a-kind PCBW event!

Brewniversity will host an overview of the role of women in the local and national craft beer industry, with a discussion about how craft beer is a gender neutral movement, unlike stereotypical “beer culture.” The main portion of the event will be spent on palate education using the “beer wheel.” Everyone will take a sample of their beer, then check the flavors they think they taste on the beer wheel. Speakers leading the event will discuss what they taste and do some Q&A with each beer.

Chris Dilla, Bocktown Beer and Grill
Angela Maffessanti, Founder Pittsburgh Beer Ladies
Amanda Bowen, Vecenie Distributing Company
Marta Napoleone T.R.A.S.H. Homebrewer and Aldo’s Food Service

Cost: $25 Proceeds to Operation Walk Pittsburgh
Craft beer samples and light refreshments provided.

Please Note: This is a ticketed event and it will sell out! Link here to purchase via Pittsburgh Brewniversity.

This event was graciously designed by Pittsburgh Brewniversity. Learn more here.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Fat Heads

Beer ladies! Come on down to the South Side this Thursday, April 12th at 7pm and have an award winning Head Hunter IPA at Fat Heads! This is an informal event, but please click here to RSVP if you plan to attend so I can make a reservation.

To see their full beer list or their menu, click here!