Thursday, August 9, 2012

Upcoming Events

We have several events taking place in the near future and quite a few more in the planning stages. Keep checking back for more details and new postings!

Bocktown's Localfest
On Wednesday, August 15th, Bocktown is hosting a fabulous event called LocalFest. The purpose is to support local chefs, breweries, artist, etc. Buy local, buy fresh. Yours truly will be there representing the Pittsburgh Beer Ladies! Come down to Bocktown in Robinson next Wednesday at 6pm! Click here for more details.

PBL Just Ducky Tour
Saturday, September 15th
Join us for a private ducky tour and bring a growler or six-pack of your favorite brew to share. This will be a one-hour Just Ducky tour.

Steelers Game/Beer Swap
Sunday, September 23rd
Bring a six pack of your favorite beer to swap with other PBL members, drink some brews and watch the Steelers beat up on the Raiders.

Northern PA Brewery Tour
Weekend of October 6th
Join PBL for a northern PA weekend brewery tour tentatively to include North Country, Erie, Lavery, Voodoo, Blue Canoe and The Union Station Brew Pub.

For more details regarding any of these events and to RSVP, click here.

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